“The Myths behind the Geology”

As someone who has worked in both creative and scientific fields, I often find myself viewing the world around us from two very different viewpoints. I am fascinated by beautiful, natural structures – how and why did they form? Did the wind sweep through and erode out that canyon – did a sea once cover this area millions of years ago? But many times there is also a magic that cannot be quantified, and over the years, that magic has often formed the base of numerous myths, as our ancestors immortalise the structure through legend.

I am slowly compiling a book that gives expression to both the scientific and the mythical side of amazing places. My aim is to do justice to some of the most awe inspiring locations around the world, and the cultures that spawned myths and legends around them.




I am working with an Edinburgh based architect, documenting recently completed commissions.

Animal Portraiture

After volunteering my services for a charity fundraiser, I found my services “purchased” to take a series of animal portraits for the owners of horses and highland cows. Whilst challenging (and that was just the staying upright in mud!) it was also highly enjoyable.

Many and varied…..

Over the past ten years I have:
•    Used my photographs to illustrate two articles written by Grant Mills (http://www.grantmills.com.au/) ; “Cape Farewell – Arts Pole Position” and “Kakadu Dreaming”.
•    Shot informal portraits at weddings.
•    Shot images used for Outreach and Media by the International Ocean Discovery Program.

I am open to ideas for collaborations and commissions, so please contact me if you like my work and want me and my camera to come on an adventure!

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